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13 February 2008 @ 01:38 pm
When I heard your voice [2/??]  
Title: When I heard your voice [2/??]
Author: bamboobranch
Pairing: TegoMasu
Genre: romance, drama
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone mentioned in this fic, though the plot is mine ^^
Summary: Masuda keeps seeing the same dream over and over again and suddenly one day, he meets the one who owns the voice that keeps haunting him
Author note: Thankx hatsukoi95 for beta-ed.

Chapter 1


Chapter 2

Tegoshi is sitting at the table nearest to the window in this romantic café. Every time when he comes to this place, he will choose this spot because from here he can have a full view of the street outside. Tegoshi loves to watch people going back and forth on the road. While observing them, he always comes up with a story for their life.

Like that old man standing at the corner of the street. He has that harshness on his face and his eyes are looking at somewhere far away. Who knows if when he was young, he might be a successful businessman earning like thousands or even millions yen a month. Yet, after all those achievements, something was still missing, he was still looking for the most important person in his life.

About the boy who is sitting with his girlfriend. The two look so cute together like nothing can worry them, but who knows, probably that guy’s family is a yakuza clan and that girl’s dad is a super famous detective. Well, kind of modern Romeo and Juliet. They are never meant for each other.

That’s what Tegoshi likes to do, as a hobby, to relax his mind.

However, somehow, when it comes to the story for his own life, Tegoshi is always confused. Actually, he’s never ever thought about that. He always thinks his life is rather simple and calm. Tegoshi’s mother remarried to his stepfather when Yamapi, his half-biological brother, was 4. Not too long after, he was born with his family’s hope and love. They lead a happy live together. In fact, too happy that their parents had no concerns at all when they decided to hold hands and travel around the world leaving their children at home. Well, but their children also have no problem being left like that. His brother loves him so much sometimes to the point that he feels like Pi is extremely overprotective.

That’s it. His life can be easily summed up like that. Nothing special, nothing twisted, nothing strange, no tough, and no hardship. The only thing he thought to make his life not so plain is that Tegoshi always has the feeling he has forgotten something from long ago. Seemingly, he is still waiting for someone or something to happen. Well, but it was only right…until yesterday…

Yesterday was the first time he met the scent of someone he hadn’t met before, he saw places that he had never been to and he heard voices that he couldn’t explain. The most ridiculous was that, somehow, all those things seemed to be so familiar, like he had known them before. That guy Masuda kept looking at him and it made him feel uncomfortable. His look was not like when Pi looked at Tegoshi with love and care. It was not like when Ryo-chan looked at him with the charisma that made him go weak inside. That look was just … a look… a look he seems to long for since the moment he was born. A look filled with something deep inside that he can’t resist. Worriedly, Tegoshi knows if he keeps on looking at Masuda’s eyes, he might do something unfaithful to Ryo-chan…


A voice stops Tegoshi from thinking.

“Ryo-chan!” he smiles.

“Sorry, I’m late. Have you been here for long?”

“It’s okay. You know I always come early to watch people passing by.”

“Yeah, I know you have that strange habit.” Ryo grins.

Ryo-chan is his brother’s best buddy. He’s from a very rich and powerful family. They have known each other since elementary school. In all those times, Ryo-chan was like another brother to Tegoshi. Until Tegoshi was 16, he started to look at Ryo-chan in different view. He blushed every time Ryo-chan’s eyes met his or when the older boy touched him. Ryo-chan seemed to know his feeling. So, when Ryo-chan confessed to him, he was like in heaven. At first, they were afraid since both were boys and they all knew that Pi was overprotective over his little bro. However, surprisingly, when Pi was informed that they were going out, he was just like, “Hey man! What century you guys think we are in now? Just go and do as you like.” Well, after all, that was Pi, and who knew what he was thinking.

Actually, everybody seems to be afraid of Ryo-chan. It's true, he’s quite scary when he has both power and a cold heart with him, but Tegoshi knows Ryo-chan more than that. It's just the outlook which appears to be fearsome. The inner Ryo-chan is really kind and tender, and the most important thing is he can sacrifice himself for Tegoshi anytime. Because of that, Tegoshi knows he cannot betray Ryo-chan. No matter what.

“So how is thing going? Are you happy with the guy at boxing club?”

Huh? Did he know something?

“What do you mean? That’s work you know…”

“Yeah I know. But even when it’s only for work, you still have to stick to that guy for a whole month. So, at least you two have to get along well right? If you don’t like that guy, you know, I can always ask Pi to change…”

Ah, so that what he means. He just worries that I don’t get along well with Massu. Tegoshi sighs at the thought. Well, actually, they even get along more than just well.

“So… what’s that guy’s name?” Ryo asks.

Masuda Takahisa. Tegoshi couldn’t get this name out of his mind for even a single moment since yesterday. That’s strange. He himself doesn’t know why. Maybe he just met him yesterday so Masuda was like a new discovery. Maybe he will have to stick to that boy for the next 4 weeks so, his mind sort of finds its way to get used to the appearance of him. It is also high probability related to the strange unexplainable feeling he‘s had towards Masuda since their first encounter.



“Are you alright? You seem to space out today. You always talk a lot every time we meet, or that guy really did something to you? Damn it. I’m going to kill him.” Ryo speaks angrily and stands up from his chair.

“No, no… Ryo-chan…” Tegoshi quickly protests. “I just feel a little stressful and tired from all the school work.”


“Ryo-chan, I know you love me. So, I won’t ever hide anything from you. Believe me.”

Tegoshi, you know you’re telling lie.


Masuda comes into the room. He’s not late today, but, somehow, he doesn’t feel like doing anything. Last night, after waking up from that dream again, he couldn’t go back to sleep at all. He’s hella tired this morning.

The dream last night was a bit strange. It is still the same voice, the same figure that has been haunting him for years. Yet this time, Masuda saw exactly who owed that voice. The Tegoshi that he just met.

So now he stopped asking me to find him anymore? Does that mean I has already found him? It must be a joke. Now, all out of sudden, he told me to give him some kind of reason. What the hell was that? I’ve never met him before so how could I even promise him something? Masuda thinks and laughs to himself. Oh, maybe I’m just too stressful with all those training schedules and suddenly he comes to me like he is from somewhere above. So it’s not my fault that I dream about him! Forget this.

“Massu… are you alright?

“Huh?” Masuda looks at Shige and still doesn’t understand what he meant.

“Today you’re not late.’


“And you were murmuring and laughing to yourself just now.”


“If you’re too tired or feel stressful, I guess you can have a day off. Just don’t make me scared that you’ll go around and bite people or eat things that you shouldn’t eat. Though it’s not like something that you wouldn’t do even if you’re normal. ”

“Shige, are you worried about me?”

“I am.”

“Thank you, Shige, you’re really my best friend. But don’t worry… I’m alright.”

“Errr... ok.” Shige says unconvincingly. He wonders if Masuda is really alright.

Then, Shige notices a young man walking into the room. That man looks small but Shige doesn’t think he’s the type you can mess with. He has black hair and wears a white fancy suit with black shirt inside. He’s going toward this way.

“Hello,” The young man says, taking off his sunglasses and shakes hand with Masuda. His eyes look like those of a snake. Mysterious. “I’m Nishikido Ryo. We met yesterday. You remember?”

“Yeah, you’re the one who was with Tegoshi.” Massu replies nervously.

“I’m his boyfriend.”

Wow, all this gay stuff seems so normal nowadays! Shige’s a little surprise, but not Masuda.

“My Tesshi’s gonna bother you for the next 4 weeks.”

Masuda feels uneasy with the word ‘my Tesshi’. “No, it’s alright. He’s not a trouble at all.” Massu shakes his head. Well, another kind of trouble, actually.

“Then, please take care of him for me. Thank you.” Ryo bows.

“Ryo-chan~” Pi pokes his head out from his office.

“Well, I’m that idiot’s buddy. I’ll go then. Hope that I can see you around later.” That Nishikido guy tells Masuda and then goes into Pi’s office.

Shige doesn’t really understand why, but somehow he feels like the war had broken out somewhere.


Why did I lie to Ryo-chan? I have never done anything like this before. That guy Massu, if it hadn’t been for him, I wouldn’t have done this. Maybe Ryo-chan is right. I should ask Pi to change somebody else… but …

“Tesshi!” a voice comes from behind.

Tesshi turns his head around. “Notti!” He smiles.

“Dude! Guy! Why every time I see you, you always look like you’re in another world?”

“Who knows maybe I was really from another world.”

Both of them laugh.

“How’s thing going?”

“What thing?” Tegoshi feels confused.

“Thing at boxing club. You told me you’re gonna ask Pi to…”

“Ah, that thing… alright… maybe…"

“Hey guy, I’ve known you since we were born, there must be something right?”

Tegoshi thinks for a few minutes. Then he says “Okie, I’m gonna tell you, but you have to promise you’re not gonna tell anyone.”

“You know you can believe me.”


“So… what brings our busy Ryo-chan here today?”

“Yamashita Tomohisa, you haven’t seen your best friend for ages and now you talk to him like that?”

“Since I know I haven’t seen my best buddy for ages and now he is just here. He won’t just suddenly come to his best friend for nothing, am I right? So, you’d better tell me, what are you doing in my boxing club, Nishikido Ryo?”

“Haha, 'kay, Pi… Can you change Tegoshi’s partner?” Ryo’s face turns serious.

“You mean Masuda?”



“I just don’t like him.”

“Ryo-chan… you know, if you ask, I can’t deny. Surely, you also know that I don’t like to do something that unreasonable.”

“Okay, I got it… Forget about that. I just tried asking. Anyway, there’s nothing special. Well, don’t pay attention to that.” Ryo starts laughing.

“Ryo-chan, I know…you’ll never force me into trouble.”

“Well, the one who always gets into trouble is you. You’ve never asked me anything. I don’t wanna see anything like that incident 3 years ago…”


“…Sorry, Pi.”

“It’s okay. It was the past after all.”

“Do you feel regret? Boxing is your life but just because of that boy…”


“Ok, ok, ok. However, remember, next time, if you really consider me as your friend, come to me. I will be mad if you still keep everything to yourself like that.”

“Ahhhhhhh, Ryo-chan~ I love you”

“Hey, stop hugging me.... Oii, and don’t kiss me!”


“Hey, Pi…”


“When did you have moobs?”


“Wow… Your story is like those in manga.”

“Stupid right?”

“No, Tesshi!”

“So, you have feeling for that guy…What’s his name again. Massu… right?”

“No, it’s not like that… But .. Ah, I don’t even know myself…What kind of these feelings. So troublesome.”

“I see… But if Nishikido-kun knows this, both of you will be in trouble.”

“That’s why I have to lie to him. I don’t want him to worry though. After all, there’s nothing between that Massu and me. You, remember, keep it a secret, kay?”

“Okay…So…” Notti pauses for a few second “How is Yamashita-kun?”

“Er? Kusano Hironori. Why don’t you come see him yourself? You act as if you two are strangers. And your house is just few meters away from ours”

“Yeah. I know, I know, he also took care of me since I was born but… I just don’t know. He suddenly avoided me one day and maybe he hates me now.”

“There’s no way that he hates you…”

“I’m not sure. I have done something wrong and…”

“Notti, that was the past!”

“Forget about it.” He laughs “I have class now. Go, bye bye, see ya.”


Tegoshi takes a deep breath. Okay, nothing happened. Everything is life usual. Go, Tegoshi. He reminds himself and then open the door to the boxing club.

“Massu, your cutie is coming to see you!” someone shouted.

Masuda turns his face toward the door and Tegoshi is standing there “Hey! Shut up!” He throws the towel toward the one who just shouted.

“Massu, have you done?” Tegoshi asks with a smile.

“Almost, just wait for me about 20 minutes. You can go around. Pi is in his office too.”

“Okay, I’ll sit here and wait for you.”

As he says, Tegoshi finds a chair near there and sits down. He let himself relax and looks at Masuda who is continuously punching the punch bag hanging in front of him. Masuda is wearing a sleeveless T-shirt and it is soaked with sweat all over. His eyes are focusing on some invisible point in front and his hands which have white strips of cloth all around keep hitting that point. He seems to be lost in his own world.

This is the first time Tesshi’ve paid attention to a boxer like that. When his brother was still a boxer, he always came to see whenever his brother had a match to support him. But to tell the truth, boxing was not that attractive to him. However, somehow, he cannot take his eyes off of Massu. He sees the muscles. He wonders what it feels like to have those arms wrapping around him. Tegoshi curiously wants to touch those arms. He blushes at his own thought.

“Ne, Tegoshi…” Masuda’s voice wakes him up.


“I’m done. What do you want to do or do you want to go somewhere now?”

“Uhm…well, let’s go to some café.” As Tegoshi looks at Massu’s face, he realizes something. “Or you want to eat something?”

“Gyoza!” Masuda said with a big smiles.

“Okay then.” Tegoshi giggles. This guy is really a kid, who thinks that he’ll be a professional boxer in a few months?


“So, being a boxer, is it hard?”

“Well, I guess that’s as hard as being a student… Just how you look at it… I’m better at using muscles than brain, then boxing is not that hard for me… Besides, as I said, I would want to protect all my precious ones. So, I have to try my best.”

“I guess your girlfriend is the luckiest person in the world, always has someone trying his best for her…” Tegoshi pauses for a second then asks, “Is she beautiful?” He wants to know about Massu’s girlfriend, though he knows that’s not his business, and it’s not something that you should ask on the second time you meet someone. Yet, he just wants to know…

“I don’t have any.”

“Ah…so…” Tegoshi somehow feels relived.

“But I think I have someone I'm supposed to love.”

“Ne, Tegoshi… If I tell you that I had known you before we met, will you believe me?”

“What are you talking bout?”

“I know it, I know it’s hard to believe and it sounds like crazy but I know it’s true. I’ve seen you so many times in my dreams since I was a kid. I think maybe we had even known each other long before that. I don’t know how and when but I just know it.”

Tegoshi doesn’t understand a thing. How can you understand anything when suddenly a guy that you just meet for a 2nd time comes to you and tell you that he’s known you for all his life . Plus, he’s pretty sure you know him so well too. While, in fact, you know nothing about him other than an impression of a freaky guy who always lives in his own world like others said. “Massu, I don’t understand what you said.”

“No, I knew it… You saw it too, didn’t you? Yesterday, in my apartment…I know you saw it…”

“No, Massu, I didn’t see anything!” Tegoshi starts to feel scared. How can Masuda know that he did see something yesterday when even he himself couldn’t be sure that he saw it?

“No, you did! ‘Cause I saw it too and it had never been so clear before until I met you.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about and I don’t even want to know!” Tegoshi hurries “Sorry, but I think today is enough…I have to go.” He turns his back and runs out of the store.

“Tegoshi!” Massu shouts as he chases after the boy.

The street is so crowded. Massu tries not to loose the glimpse of Tegoshi. Just as his hand reaches out to catch the boy’s hand in front…There's a broken sound.


“Tegoshi! How many times did I tell you not to go there and sit for a whole day like this? You’re weak and out there it’s cold. It’s not good for your health, you know!”

18 year-old Tegoshi turned his head.


“I don’t know why you love this place so much.” Masuda said as he came and sat down next to the boy.

“Don’t you think this river bank is so beautiful? Beside... isn’t here the place where you asked me to be your bride?” Tegoshi giggled.

“Come on, I was like… 5 year old at that time,” Masuda blushed, “But Tegoshi… I really want to be with you.”

Tegoshi smiled yet there was sadness in his eyes. He coughed.

“See! I told you. You’re cold! Now, come back…”

“Masuda-kun… I wanna stay here just a bit more. Please.” Tegoshi looked at Masuda with begging eyes.

“You know I can never say no when you look at me like that.”

Tegoshi giggled. That’s so Masuda-kun.

“Just a bit. I will stay here with you.” Masuda said as he hugged the smaller boy. “Just that you won’t get colder.”

Tegoshi opened his mouth. He wanted to say something. Then, he realized, that thing they weren’t allowed to say out loud. Masuda-kun… I’m happy as we are now. If only it can be forever…” But we both know that it can’t be, right?


A broken flower pot was seen on the street just in the place where Masuda had been a minute before. Tegoshi turns his head. He sees blood. “Massu!”


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