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13 February 2008 @ 02:03 pm
Title: Alibi [2/2]
Author: bamboobranch
Pairing: TegoMasu
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone mentioned in this fic, though the plot is mine ^^
Summary: Tegoshi believes Massu has an affair~
A/N: I'm pretty sure you know where i got the inspiration for this fic from, right? XDD

Chapter 1


So, it must be like this. The existence of a woman would explain everything. Massu was lying on that day because he had a date with that woman and just earlier, he had dinner with her so that when he came home he didn’t want to eat. And maybe they were hugging each other so tight that her scent had left on Massu clothes.

Tegoshi suddenly feel heat up his head. Noway that can be true!!! Yeah yeah yeah, he need more evidence now.


Suspicion #4: Massu had strange calls from a mysterious woman.

That thought wouldn’t leave Tegoshi. Though he knew everything until now was just his guessing but that didn’t help anything. So he needed proof now. He must know for sure if Massu was cheating on him or not. Even if it was in the worst case, that Massu really did, Tegoshi still needed to know.

But what should he do now? Tegoshi had never met any similar situation before so in fact he had no idea where to start with. Should he just ask Massu directly? No, not yet. He had no evidence now so of course Massu would say no as the answer. He was really confused. Just the thought about a woman could make him shiver like that. He lowered his head and he saw Massu’s clothes.
If he’s dating someone… he should have contacted her first right?

Holding Massu’s clothes in his hands, Tegoshi stepped out of the bathroom.

This is bad… Tegoshi knew it. He knew for sure what he was going to do next was bad. But still… Tegoshi searched all through Massu’s clothes. He found nothing suspicious. He went to bedroom, where Massu put his cellphone for recharging there. His finger placed on the key. He wanted to press. But somehow his finger just wouldn’t move. Should I do this? Hesitated for a moment, finally, he pressed. I need to do this! He looked for the calls info. Mine… Koyama… Shige… Mine… His sister… Mine… Mine…Staff-san…Manager-san… Uchie-san?… Do I know this one??? Tegoshi felt a bit unsecured. No, Tegoshi, Massu has his life. You’re not supposed to know all of his friends and ppl at work, right? This Uchie-san might just be someone at his workplace. But his mind was still not at ease. He locked Massu phone like before and just when he placed it back on the desk, the phone rang.

Tegoshi was taken aback. It’s from Uchie-san!? He looked at the phone and didn’t know what to do. Massu was in bathroom right now. Should he just pick up the phone to ask or he just let the phone keep ringing like that? Before, when it was like that, Tegoshi just needed to shout out “Massu, your phone!” and Massu would be like “Pick it up for me honey!” But this time, somehow Tegoshi couldn’t say a word. He just looked at the phone.

“Is that my phone?” Massu was standing at the doorway.

“Yeah, yours.” Tegoshi handed the phone to Massu. He happily took the phone from Tegoshi. But just when Massu saw the name on the screen, the expression on his face changed immediately. He secretly looked at Tegoshi who still staring back at him with round innocent eyes. Massu quickly turned his back and stepped out of the room, hiding his mouth.

Tegoshi kept sitting on the bed. Deep inside Tegoshi’s mind, he wanted to know what Massu was talking on the phone. He really wanted to stand up and go there to where Massu was standing so that he could hear everything. But it seemed like there was something too heavy placing on his leg that he felt like he cannot move just one toe. He sat there and looked at Massu’s back disappearing from the room. Massu had never been like that. He was always talking clear and loud before Tegoshi. Was that something Massu didn’t want Tegoshi to know? No, I shouldn’t think like that. It was nothing right? Maybe he just feels like talking in the living room.

Tegoshi stood up and felt more relief. He stepped out of the room. But he was stopped at the doorway by Massu voice whispering on the phone ‘Next time, can you mail me, I will call you back right after… yeah… don’t call, I’m afraid that he might know… yeah…see ya tomorrow!’. Massu ended his call.

“Who’s that?”

“Ah, my sister…” Massu looked so troubled answering the simple question.


“Yeah... she was asking for help. Ah, I’ll be late tomorrow, I’ll go help my sister. You can have dinner first, I guess I might eat out tomorrow too.”

“Ah.. okie.”

“Then, I’ll go to bed first… I’m so tired today!”

Massu placed a soft kiss on Tegoshi’s cheek and then happily walking toward the bedroom’s door.

So he thought I didn’t know? Tegoshi felt so bitter.


Suspicion #5: Massu didn’t want to touch me!

So, the day after, Massu was really back home late. And when he got back, he looked so tired that he went to bed immediately after taking a bath. He didn’t even want to eat anything that Tegoshi offered. For Massu to refuse food was as strange as pig could fly so that made Tegoshi really worried.

Tegoshi worries couldn’t escape from the look of Ryo-chan. They were sitting in the dressing room. 'They' here meant only Ryo-chan and Tegoshi. The rest still hadn’t done yet with their photoshoot.

“Tego-nyan! What’s wrong?”

Tegoshi looked up to meet Ryo-chan‘s eyes. “Huh? Nothing!” He didn’t want to make Ryo-chan bother with his business. Ryo-chan had enough things in his life to take care about already.

“Lied! Tego-nyan, you know you couln’t lie to me right?”

After all, it was Ryo-chan. Tegoshi sighed as he started to tell Ryo-chan everthing about his worries. “Ryo-chan, do you think that Massu probably has someone else?”

Ryo-chan looked like he was thinking so much. “If it was YamaPi or Koyama, there would be a chance, but if it was Massu, I don’t think that he can do something like that…”

“But he’s been acting strange, and I was really worried…” Tegoshi said as he began to sniff.

“Hey, Tego, why don’t we do some test?”


Ryo-chan showed a most devilish smile ever.


Tegoshi welcomed Massu back home that night with a brightest smile he could give.

“Okaeri~! Honey, do you want anything to eat?”

“Uhm… I was tired…”

“Yeah, I knew it, you want to take a bath and go to bed right? I’d prepared hot water for you already.”

“You really understand me well! Chuuuu”

“Hehe, go take a bath quick~!”

After Massu disappearing in the bathroom, Tegoshi cleaned up everything before making a move to the bathroom door. He was hesitated for a moment. Ryo-chan words were still echoing in his mind. Sex is the best way to test a man.

“Massu, I’ll take a bath with you…” Tegoshi said with excitement. Massu always like to take a bath with him. Sometimes the older boy kept asking Tegoshi to take a bath with him as if a kid wants candies. Tegoshi giggled when he thought about how Massu’s face would be brighten when he heard this.

“No, no Tesshi, I just want to finish it quickly so that I can go to bed. If you’re in here we’ll have to wait at least 30 minutes to get enough soap bubbles and 1 hour and a half more for you to play with them. I can’t wait that long~”

“But Massu…”

“Hey, don’t come in, you’ll get wet”

Tegoshi couldn’t help but feeling disappointed. Plan A was failed. But there was always plan B.


Massu happily laid down on the bed and covered himself with the soft and stuffy blanket. After a long day, finally he could get some peaceful sleep… just when he thought that.


“Huh? Tesshi, what are you doing?” Massu said with sleepily voice. He hardly opened his eyes. “Are you feeling hot? You can turn down the air conditioner if you want. But I think tonight is quite cold so if you don’t want to catch a cold, you should wear something on…Naked like that is not good for your health…goodnight baby!”


“It’s not like that, Massu!” Tegoshi pouted as he twitched the blanket that currently covered a sleepy Masuda.

“Then what?” Massu said tiredly.

“Why don’t we play something fun?”

“But it was too late for hide-and-seek~! Come on baby, sleep and I’ll play with you tomorrow~” he said as he closed his eyes again.

Tegoshi didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. He didn’t know if Massu purposely pretend like he didn’t understand what Tegoshi meant or he was really stupid. What else could a guy want to do if he was standing naked next to his boyfriend like that? He tried again. Tegoshi climbed on the bed and sneaked under the blanket. “Massu~”

“Huh?” a very small voice came out that could be barely heard.

“Why don’t you hug me???”

“Uhm…” Massu obediently turned his back to face Tegoshi. His eyes still closed as he placed his arm on Tegoshi’s waist. And he continued to sleep…

Just hug?


“What again~?”

Tegoshi couldn’t stand it anymore. He had to play this last move.

“Hey, Tesshi, what are you doing?? I’m cold… don’t take off my clothes…hey, don’t touch! It's tickling…” Massu said and laughed while struggling against the movements of Tegoshi’s hands.

“Are you stupid or you very stupid???” Finally Tegoshi screamed out.

“What’s wrong?”

“I even did that and you still don’t understand? It’s been a long time since we did that already right?”

“Did what?”


“Ah…” Massu looked like he just discovered the mystery of Lockness Lake ’s monster. “So you want that?” Massu asked hesitatingly.

Tegoshi determinedly nodded his head. His eyes stared at Massu. He still waited for the answer.

“But… ahh… Tesshi… I’m so tired today… can we leave it for another day?”

Tegoshi couldn’t believe in his ears. Even when he already asked for it directly like that, Massu still didn’t want to do it with him. He was getting mad.

“Ok… ok.. ok… do what you want at anytime you want. Don’t care about me..”

“Ok, then… goodnight honey!” Massu said happily and placed a kiss on Tegoshi’s cheek. Then he turned his back and continued his interrupted sleep.

It seemed like there was steam over Tegoshi’s head since blood was boiling in his brain. He was absolutely crazy now. So it was all clear. Massu didn’t even want to touch him anymore. He didn’t even care about Tegoshi’s feeling. Tegoshi was angry or not or sad or even died, Massu wouldn’t care either right?

It was all clear now, he didn’t love me anymore. He didn’t even want to touch me. He has someone else.

That made Tegoshi’s heart hurt so much. From the moment he started to have that thought up until now that he was 80% sure, the pain had grown so much. At first the thought of a third person only made his heart squeezed a bit. But now seeing Massu didn’t even want to touch him made his heart hurt a lot. And the most painful thing was that he didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t do anything if Massu didn’t love him anymore. He could yell or went to find that woman to ask her give Maasu back to him. But would that make Massu love him again?? Massu didn’t love him anymore so what else could he do?

Tegoshi felt his tears started to fall down. He didn’t want to cry. But when he thought that the one that sleeping next to didn’t belong to him anymore, his tears couldn’t stop flowing. He didn’t want Massu know that he was crying so he tried to bite his lips as hard as he could therefore there wouldn’t be any sound that left out. Tegoshi hid his face in the pillow and till the morning, his eyes were all red and the pillow was wet.



So Massu kept coming home late the days after. Tegoshi thought that maybe because Massu didn’t know Tegoshi had found out about his cheating so he still acted normally. And it hurt even more for Tegoshi. To see Massu talking and smiling as if nothing was happened, Tegoshi didn’t know what to do. Should he say it straight to Masssu that ‘you don’t need to pretend anymore, I knew it already!’ or should he just keep silent, hoping that these peaceful days can last as long as possible.


Today is a bad day for Tegoshi. He messed the dance steps. He got the wrong costume and Massu said that he would be home late again. And now he’s wandering along the street. He doesn’t know exactly where he’s heading to but he just doesn’t feel like going home. What should he come home for? Massu won’t be there anyway. And there will only be him and a cold room. Tegoshi usually likes it when it’s getting cold. He, together with Massu, can drink hot chococlate or cuddle up under a blanket. But that was the past. Maybe at the moment Massu is drinking hot chocolate with some other woman. Woman…Tegoshi indifferently turns his head around and…he sees it.


Tegoshi thought he could stand it since he knew it already but… this is more than he can take.

Massu and a woman are walking out from a hotel.

No, it can’t be. I didn’t see anything, I didn’t hear anything. No! No! No! Tegoshi screams out loud in his mind and he runs. Nobody is chasing him but he keeps on running. He doesn’t know where he’s running. He doesn’t know for how long he has been running. No matter how many times he bumped into ppl on the street, until he’s out of his breath does he stop to take a break. So it’s clear now. Not that I think too much. But it’s truth. He has another woman. That’s true, that’s true. I saw it.

His heart is hurting so much that he unconsciously places his hand over his chest as if it can help him stop the pain that going through. But it doesn’t. He found a park that has no one there. All the kids have gone home already. It’s dinner time so they must be at home to be happy with their family. Tegoshi drags his feet to one of the big tree. And once he can place his hand on the tree trunk. He suddenly feels like there’s no energy left in his body. And he just let himself fall down on the ground.

He wants to cry.

Holding his knees close to the chest, he starts to let his tears fall down.


It’s getting dark already. And now Tegoshi is standing in front of the door of his apartment. He’s not sure if he wants to open it or not. He has been crying a lot now that he’s so tired. Just when he opens the door.

“Okaeri ~!!”

Massu from somewhere just jumps out and hugs Tegoshi so tight that it seems like the boy cannot breath. I can’t believe it. How dare he touch me after holding that woman.

“Massu, let me go!” Tegoshi angrily says as he pushes Massu away.

“No~ no~ no~” Massu starts to abused Tegoshi with kisses.

“I said LET ME GO” Tegoshi can’t stand it anymore. He slapped Massu.

Massu let go of Tegoshi and looks confused.

“Don’t use that hand to touch me after you touch another woman!”

“Me? Woman?” Massu widens his eyes. His face looks so stupid now as if he doesn’t know anything. “What woman? Or… what are you talking about? I don’t get it!”

“Don’t pretend anymore! I knew it all! You cheat on me! You have another woman!”

“Do I?”

“Yes, you do!”

“Er??... no, no, no, no, no! I don’t!” Seems like Massu just understands what Tegoshi said.

“I knew it, you don’t have to lie! If you don’t, then answer me why did you lie to me when I asked if you were free to go to theme park with me!”

“Because today is your birthday!”

“Birthday? Me? Er?” Tegoshi widens his eyes.

“Yes~!” Massu smiles with hopeful look on his face.

“Okay, so your birthday present to me is an affair huh? How dare you say like that?! Uchie-san right? I knew everything!” Tegoshi hits aimlessly at Massu. He started to cry out loud.

“No, no, I mean because today is your birthday so I wanted to make something for you!”


“Listen to me ok? Since today it’s your birthday, I wanna make a cake for you as a present. But you know, I always good at eating but when it comes to cooking, I have no idea. So I asked my ne-chan to introduce her friend, who is a cook at a restaurant of a hotel, to me. And when I lied to you about that day off, I was actually at her place to learn how to bake.”

“You lied!” Tegoshi whimpers. “Then why didn’t you want to eat with me?”

“I had to finish all the cakes that I baked already. And not all of them are good. I even want to vomit when I heard the word ‘cake’ the first day, you know.”

“Then why did you have strawberry scent on your clothes!?” Tegoshi started to calm down a bit.

“Because you like it! I learnt how to make strawberry cake!”

“You hid when you talk on your phone…”

“Obviously because I didn’t want you to find out about this.”

“But you didn’t even want to touch me at night…”

“Tegoshi, whipping eggs with hands is even more tiring than dancing you know. I can't even hold up my hand after that TT^TT. Uchie-san didn’t let me use egg-beater. She said that if I wanted to make a cake that when you eat, you can feel the love, then I should do it all with my hands. No electronic appliance.”

“But I saw you two walking out of a hotel. Don’t you tell me that you have to go to a hotel to learn how to bake!”

“Of course no! But you saw us earlier this evening right? I can explain.” Massu sighed. “Uchie-san works at the restaurant of that hotel. I had to go there to pick her up and then went to her house to take the cake I prepare for you before hand. I had to put it at her place. I couldn’t leave it at home since you’ll see it.”

“Really?” Tegoshi had stopped crying.

“Really! If you don’t believe me, you can ask Kei-chan. I was caught once by him. And he was teasing me all of the past few days. I was embarrassed you know.” Massu’s face turned to a shade of red.

“Then… where it is?”

“What where?”

“The cake! You said you did all of those thing just to prepare a present for me right?”

“Ah! There it is!” Massu happily smile again while leading Tegoshi to the table.

There was really a big pink cake on the table.

Tegoshi sobs again. He turns to hug Massu as tight as he can.

“Sorry, Tegoshi, I didn’t mean to make you think like that. I just thought that maybe you would be happy if I could do something that make you feel surprise. You always said that I didn’t know anything about romantic at all. So… I’m sorry. Don’t be mad at me…I’ll never do it again! Don’t be sad...” Massu says as he strokes on Tegoshi’s hair.

Tegoshi shakes his head. “No, I’m not sad. I was really happy!” Tegoshi cries out louder on Massu’s shoulder.

“Then… shall we eat the cake now? It’s hard to make it you know~” Massu pouts making a puppy-wants-candies face to Tegoshi.

“Uhm…” Tegoshi looks at the cake. “Massu… you really have no talent in cooking.”

“I said I had tried my best!”

“But… I like it… try it yourself…” Tegoshi suddenly capture Massu’s mouth with his. It’s really sweet.

They giggle as their noses now both messed by the cream with strawberry scent.


“I think we should leave now neh, Kei-chan!”
“Yeah, birthday presents can wait til tomorrow…”

“But why didn’t you tell me that Massu learnt how to bake?”
“I didn’t want you to be poisoned too. I had it myself was enough already.”



- finally done another one!!! 2 fics update next to each other XDDD
- comments are loved <333~
Melissameli_29 on March 30th, 2010 05:46 am (UTC)
haha xD poor tegoshi!
oh, he did his best seducing massu and planing everything, how frustating
:) thanks god, Massu loves him so much to chating on him.

thank you~